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Te Kāwai Toro

The Te Kāwai Toro  sub-committee was established by the J R McKenzie Trust in 2003, in response to a strategic review which identified the under representation of Māori in the Trust’s philanthropic activities.

One of the key roles of Te Kāwai Toro is to lead proactive work on Māori development.



Committee Members

Manaia King (Chair), Paula Therese King, Joan Smith, Marama Takao, Eric Keys, Lyn Holmes, Charisma Rangipunga.

Evaluation and Research

An evaluation of  the  ‘Whānau Development’ pilot funding programme was completed by Fiona Cram.

In 2012, Te Kāwai Toro commissioned Berl Economics to undertake a survey of Philanthropic funding to Māori. The report estimates philanthropic funding to Māori in 2012 totalled $289m or just over 12 percent of the total philanthropic funding. Based on this, it suggests philanthropic funding to Māori is lower on a per-capita basis than funding to other population sub-groups. It surmises that philanthropic funding to Māori does not fare well when measured against relative need and the development aspirations of Māori.

To address these concerns, the report suggests that consideration be given to:
• whether Māori needs and contributing to Māori development are adequately covered within the activities, goals or strategic objectives of the sector; and
• greater collaboration within the sector to capture, collect and collate more detailed data on the use of funds by ethnicity, sex, age and region.

We believe this report serves as a catalyst for conversations with the Philanthropic, Government, Iwi and Māori Incorporation sectors regarding future collaborative improvements; and strategies to ensure better alignment of funding sectors investment matched to Māori development aspirations.

Pūtea Toro – Small grants

Te Whare Hukahuka: Supporting Māori Trust in Governance, Management and Economic Development

Te Whare Hukahuka: Supporting Māori Trust in Governance, Management and Economic Development

To be considered for this fund, applications must fit one or more of the three criteria below:

1. Building organisation capacity
Hui / Conferences
Infrastructure development and evaluations for applicants who are not currently in receipt of a J R McKenzie responsive grant
Bringing together organisations to share their projects’ journey; share resources and network

2. Supporting economic development / social enterprise initiatives
Feasibility studies; seeding grants; development; research

3. Adopting an advocacy role
To provide financial support to external or internal applicants; to advocate and/or lobby for positive change in support of Māori aspirations/development.
Pūtea Toro decision making process
A link to an online application may be sent to the applicant if the request is closely aligned to the Pūtea Toro criteria. However, there are NO guarantees the application will be successful.
After the application is received, we make seek further information from the applicant and others. The Te Kāwai Toro Committee assesses the application and makes a decision at its next meeting. There are 4 meetings per year.

For further information, contact Marama Takao P| 04 472 8876 M| 021 472 887 or email