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What we’re learning

We’re keen to learn with and from the organisations we support.  We want to know about what works and what doesn’t work.  Reflecting on this helps us understand the needs of organisations we work with.  It also helps organisations be more effective in their work.

On this page are some stories and evaluations of work the Trust has undertaken in recent years. If they are summaries, the full version is available from the office.

Funded Initiatives

Many of the organisations we support are happy to share information about their projects and what they’ve learned.  Some of these will be formal evaluations, while others are informal documents that share learning experiences. See the evaluations of projects we have funded for these.

Philanthropic Funding to Māori

Philanthropic funding to Māori in 2012 totalled an estimated $289 million, or just over 12 percent of total philanthropic funding. 1. Final Report Phil Funding to Māori, produced by BERL Economics on behalf of our Te Kāwai Toro committee, presents estimates, findings, insights and observations from a project investigating philanthropic funding to Māori.  Read a summary here.

Peter McKenzie Project – an opportunity to contribute to long-term change

The attached papers are  Reviews commissioned by the Trust to inform future decisions for the Peter McKenzie Project. This project is focused on reducing poverty among New Zealand children and is currently investigating options to establish how best to achieve its goals. These papers focus on two areas which are of interest to the Trust – Changing social norms and Place-based collaborative initiatives.

Evaluating advocacy work

This short paper contains a brief literature review, and descriptions of some useful resources.  Hopefully it will be of use for people and organisations undertaking advocacy work, and their funders.  It was prepared by Kathryn Nemec, evaluator for See Here. (2011)

Te Kāwai Toro

Evaluation of the way in which the Trust has addressed the under-representation of Māori in its philanthropic activities through its Te Kāwai Toro initiative – a summary. (2010) 

See Here

Summary of a significant report surveying literature and practice concerning the needs of children in New Zealand with mild and moderate vision problems, containing recommendations from the sector of interest to improve the situation. (2008)

Final evaluation completed at the end of the project, and a summary version. (2012)

McKenzie Engagement

Evaluation of a workshop focused on strengthening capacity in the Tangata whenua, community and voluntary sector. (2008)

Future Focus

A guide to developing “youth-friendly” funding models in Aotearoa New Zealand. (2007)

Building Pacific Organisations

History and evaluation of a programme seeking to strengthen the governance, management and administrative capacity of Pacific-led organisations in New Zealand. (2006)

Refugee Employment Programme

Evaluation of a programme seeking to assist refugees gain and retain employment. (2005)