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How can you help?

Many people have lots of great Ideas about how we can reduce child and family poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Peter McKenzie Project brings the funds and long-term vision to the table.

What are we looking for?

The causes of poverty are complex. Changing systems is also often complex. This is about the long-term – we are prepared to offer funding over a 20-year period so Ideas can be developed, tested and brought to life.

We are particularly interested in improving systems that affect the circumstances in which people live.

Here’s a key question:  How does your Idea take advantage of the long timeframe?

We are looking for Ideas and initiatives which:

  • will reduce the number of children, whānau and families living in poverty through system change.
  • have potential to make a substantial and lasting difference, in terms of the numbers not entering poverty and/or leaving poverty over time
  • are led by determined people prepared to persevere.

We expect to offer funding to a small number of groups/people to take their Ideas forward.  We will consider all of the following:

  • Developing your Idea through research and planning, and/or by getting support and advice from others. You may want to try out things, learn and adapt. In many cases it will make sense to involve people with personal experience of living in poverty, to test and shape your Idea.
  • Developing your organisation. You may want your group to become stronger in aspects of its structure, governance, management etc.  Funding can give you access to experts in these fields; we may have useful connections too.
  • Building a movement. You may want to strengthen the impact of people and groups working together.

What is on offer?

PMP has about $15m to spend.

We appreciate that Ideas may need time to be developed, tested and refined so that they can make a real difference, so we plan to support selected people and organisations to do this, and bring their Ideas to life.

If you are not in a position to develop your Idea, we might be able to connect you with others who are. We will create opportunities for people to ‘spark off’ one another, and perhaps work together.

While we hope that some of these funding arrangements will develop into long-term relationships, we are unlikely to offer more than 1-3 years of funding initially.

Sadly our funds are not large relative to the size of the issue. We will only be able to select a few Ideas to support.  However, we may be able to suggest other sources of support for Ideas which we don’t fund.