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Learning Fund II

 Connecting Education and Communities


As part of our efforts to make a difference for disadvantaged children and their families, the J R McKenzie Trust supports work that engages parents, families and whānau in their children’s learning, to achieve better educational outcomes for children.

We know that lots of the community groups we work with are already working hard to achieve this.  There are great examples of effective practice around the country.  We want to encourage them to share their learning and inspire others.

Maybe there’s a conference or a training session which is relevant to this work, that you would like to attend.  Maybe you’d like to visit another organisation doing this kind of work, and compare the lessons you have each learned.   That’s why we’ve created the Learning Fund II.

The Learning Fund II makes small grants towards the costs of these kinds of learning opportunities.  Grants are made to organisations (not directly to individuals) to cover the costs of their staff, volunteers or members attending or taking part in a learning opportunity.  The learning opportunity should be related to our Connecting Education and Communities project: that is, it should improve your work to engage parents, families and whānau in their children’s learning in order to raise children’s educational achievement.  For example, it might provide your staff or volunteer with new skills to help them work better with families, or it might be a chance to learn about new ideas for how and where to engage whānau.

To apply for a small grant, simply click here to fill in our short online application form.

There are no grant rounds or closing dates: just fill in the application and click Submit.  We’ll aim to get back to you with a decision within 2 weeks.

If your application is successful, the grant will be paid by electronic transfer to your organisation’s bank account (not directly to an individual).  If your group doesn’t have its own bank account, please contact us to discuss fund-holding options.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions:

Phone: 04 472 8876   Email: