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Connecting Education and Communities

Connecting Education and Communities’ (CEC) central goal is to lift educational achievement for young people who face great disadvantage in our communities through improving the quality of engagement of their whanau and families in education.

Goal for CEC in Phase II 2016 – 2020

As part of building a socially just and inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand JR McKenzie Trust  supports improving education outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged students and their families. It does this by strengthening the skills of whanau and communities, to be partners with education professionals in lifting achievement levels. This is done through providing whanau, family and communities with the skills, information, authority and resources to contribute to decisions about what happens in the education system.

The focus is communities rather than education institutions

This phase of CEC puts a focus on strengthening the role of communities as valued partners in the education system.

A community engaged in education contributes to improving the achievement level of its young people through:

  • Setting the expectations for achievement for its community
  • Providing direction to schools on the needs and aspirations of the community
  • Analysing performance of local schools and providing feedback to them.
  • Providing space for schools to share and reflect on performance in a collaborative manner
  • Providing support and skills for parents to engage more effectively with schools – most important in communities with families with low incomes and low qualifications
  • Broadening the influence on school performance from the parents in each school to the community expectation across all schools.

J R McKenzie Trust in partnership with a community organisation facilitates
and coordinates theworld_ceclogo

  • Guiding vision and strategy
  • Support for aligned activities
  • Establishment of measurements
  • Building of public support
  • Advancement and advocacy of policy
  • Mobilising of funding
  • Ongoing evaluation

Through CEC J R McKenzie Trust  becomes the broker of partnerships committed to lifting educational achievement. This approach to CEC expands the potential impact.